Episode 9: Joel Selwood — Geelong

If you speak to anyone associated with the AFL, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t revere Geelong Skipper Joel Selwood.

In  the ninth instalment of the Captain’s Call podcast, Paul Marsh is joined by the Geelong captain, who opens up about his celebrated leadership (6:40), his perception and what he is like behind closed doors (33:10), his views on social media (40:15) and the players in the competition he respects the most (55:01).

Episode 8: Katie Brennan — Western Bulldogs

In the latest Captain’s Call episode, Paul Marsh is joined by his first AFLW guest, Katie Brennan. The Bulldogs skipper looks back at the first two years of the competition (5:40), the pain of missing out on the 2018 Grand Final due to suspension (12:02), the supportive hand Bob Murphy played during that week (16:20) and her ever-evolving leadership style (22:05).

Episode 7: Nathan Jones — Melbourne

Melbourne Demons co-captain Nathan Jones has had a truly unique AFL journey. In the midst of a finals drought spanning more than a decade, Jones toughed out the poor results and is now at the helm of Melbourne’s resurgence.

In this episode of Captain’s Call, Jones talks about his career to date and Melbourne’s struggles (1:39), as well as his personal journey from co-captain to solo captain and back again (10:51). From that unusual path, Jones discusses the lessons he has learned along the way (32:08) and the areas that he still needs to improve (37:50). And, on a lighter note, he tells the stories of his nickname “Chunk,” a wrestling match against Bernie Vince (66:42), and his unique relationship with his brother, Zak (70:47).

Episode 6: Scott Pendlebury — Collingwood

Scott Pendlebury has faced plenty of challenges as captain of one of the largest sporting clubs in the country. In his five years as captain, the 30-year-old has faced extreme external pressure both individually and collectively as the club searches for their first finals berth since 2013.

In episode six of the Captain’s Call podcast, Pendlebury talks about losing the 2011 Grand Final and the disappointment associated (4:16), opening the door for Patty Mills’ AIS spot (7:25), the role he played as captain during Bucks’ time under relentless pressure, the way Collingwood handled the Jordan De Goey situation (32:00), and his opinion of the media (38:02).

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